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Scarecrows, or „strašidelníci“ in Czech, are traditionally used in agriculture to scare away birds and protect crops. However, they have also become popular figures in literature, movies, and jokes. In this article, we will explore some of the funniest scarecrow jokes that will surely make you laugh. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some outstanding scarecrow humor!

Joke 1: The Wise Scarecrow

One day, a young farmer was puzzled by the wisdom of a scarecrow standing in his field. He couldn’t understand how a lifeless object could possess such knowledge. Curiosity got the best of him, so he decided to ask the scarecrow for advice. To his surprise, the scarecrow replied, „I may not have a brain, but I’ve seen enough to learn from the world around me.“ The young farmer was amazed by the scarecrow’s response and realized that wisdom can be found in unexpected places.

Analysis of Joke 1

This joke highlights the irony of a scarecrow, which is typically seen as a symbol of ignorance or stupidity, being portrayed as wise. It plays on the idea that wisdom can come from unexpected sources, challenging our preconceived notions.

Joke 2: The Party Scarecrow

One evening, a group of scarecrows decided to have a party in the farmer’s field. They danced, laughed, and had a great time. As the night went on, they became louder and rowdier. The noise woke up the farmer, who went to investigate. When he saw the scarecrows having a party, he exclaimed, „I’ve never seen such outstanding scarecrows! You’re doing a great job scaring away the birds!“ The scarecrows burst into laughter, realizing that their true purpose had been misunderstood.

Analysis of Joke 2

This joke plays on the misconception that scarecrows are meant to scare humans instead of birds. It humorously highlights the irony of scarecrows celebrating their „outstanding“ performance in scaring away the very creatures they are supposed to protect the crops from.

Joke 3: The Scarecrow and the Crow

Once upon a time, a scarecrow and a crow became friends. The crow asked the scarecrow, „Why do you stand here day after day, scaring away birds?“ The scarecrow replied, „It’s my duty to protect the crops.“ The crow laughed and said, „But don’t you get bored?“ The scarecrow smiled and said, „I have plenty of time to think and enjoy the peacefulness of the field.“ The crow was intrigued and decided to stay with the scarecrow, enjoying their conversations and the tranquility of the field.

Analysis of Joke 3

This joke explores the theme of friendship and the importance of finding joy in the simple things in life. It reminds us that even in a seemingly monotonous task, there can be beauty and companionship.

Joke 4: Scarecrow’s New Clothes

Once, a scarecrow wanted to update its wardrobe. It went to a nearby clothing store and asked the shopkeeper, „Do you have any fashionable clothes for scarecrows?“ The shopkeeper looked puzzled but decided to help. After trying on several outfits, the scarecrow found the perfect attire. It proudly stood in the field, wearing the latest scarecrow fashion. The birds were astounded by its outstanding style and couldn’t help but appreciate the scarecrow’s fashion sense.

Analysis of Joke 4

This joke humorously explores the idea of a scarecrow wanting to be fashionable. It highlights the absurdity of a lifeless object being concerned about its appearance, bringing a touch of light-heartedness to the concept of scarecrows.

Joke 5: The Brave Scarecrow

Once, a scarecrow noticed a group of mischievous animals sneaking into the field at night. Determined to protect the crops, the scarecrow came up with a plan. It pretended to be alive, scaring the animals away. The next day, the farmer was amazed at the scarecrow’s outstanding bravery and rewarded it with a shiny medal. From that day on, the scarecrow became a symbol of courage in the field.

Analysis of Joke 5

This joke emphasizes the scarecrow’s role as a protector and showcases its bravery in a humorous way. It adds a touch of heroism to the traditional image of scarecrows, making them stand out as outstanding guardians.

Joke 6: Scarecrow’s Wish

One day, a scarecrow saw a shooting star and made a wish. It wished to become a real person and experience what it’s like to live beyond the field. The next morning, the scarecrow woke up as a human. Overwhelmed by the vibrant world outside, it missed the simplicity and tranquility of its previous life. It soon realized that being an outstanding scarecrow was its true purpose and wished to become one again.

Analysis of Joke 6

This joke explores the theme of appreciating what we have and finding contentment in our current circumstances. It humorously depicts the scarecrow’s realization that its previous life, although seemingly mundane, had its own unique charm and fulfillment.

Joke 7: Scarecrow’s Love

A scarecrow fell in love with a scarecrow from a neighboring field. The two scarecrows would spend their days whispering sweet nothings to each other when the wind blew. The farmer, noticing their budding romance, decided to move the scarecrow from the neighboring field closer to his own. The scarecrows couldn’t believe their luck and were ecstatic to be together. From that day on, their love story became a legendary tale of outstanding affection.

Analysis of Joke 7

This joke adds a touch of romance to the world of scarecrows, showcasing their capacity for love and companionship. It highlights the farmer’s role in bringing the scarecrows together, reinforcing the importance of human intervention in their lives.


FAQ 1: What is the purpose of scarecrows?

Scarecrows are primarily used in agriculture to scare away birds and protect crops from being eaten or damaged. They serve as a visual deterrent, tricking birds into believing that there is a human presence in the field.

FAQ 2: Do scarecrows really scare birds?

While scarecrows can be effective in deterring birds, their effectiveness may vary depending on the species and level of bird infestation. Some birds may eventually become accustomed to the presence of a scarecrow and ignore it. In such cases, additional bird control measures may be necessary.

FAQ 3: How are scarecrows made?

Scarecrows are typically made by stuffing old clothes with straw, hay, or other materials. The clothes are then attached to a wooden or metal frame, giving the scarecrow its characteristic human-like appearance. The scarecrow’s head can be made from a sack or a carved pumpkin.

FAQ 4: Are scarecrows only used in agriculture?

While scarecrows are most commonly associated with agriculture, they have also become popular decorative items for gardens, festivals, and Halloween. Their whimsical and rustic appearance adds a touch of charm to outdoor spaces.

FAQ 5: Are there any superstitions or beliefs associated with scarecrows?

Yes, scarecrows have been associated with various superstitions and beliefs throughout history. In some cultures, they are believed to possess protective or magical powers, while in others, they are seen as symbols of bad luck or even evil spirits.

FAQ 6: Are scarecrow jokes popular in Czech culture?

Scarecrow jokes may not be as widely known or popular as other types of jokes in Czech culture. However, as scarecrows are a common sight in rural areas, jokes involving scarecrows can still be appreciated by those familiar with agricultural traditions.


Scarecrows may be intended to protect crops, but they also provide us with a source of amusement through their portrayal in jokes. From the wise scarecrow to the party-loving scarecrow, these outstanding jokes remind us that humor can be found in unexpected places. So, the next time you see a scarecrow standing in a field, remember the laughter it brings and appreciate its outstanding ability to make us smile.

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